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For twenty years I’ve had the joy of speaking at weekend retreats, moms’ meetings, church seminars and classes, writers and ministry conferences, and Sunday-morning services. No group is too large or too small, and I don’t charge a set speaking fee (let’s talk about it).

Below are some topics I’m passionate about, but if your group has another idea for your special event, let’s create something together!

Infuse! Adding God’s flavor to what you’re already doing

What happens when you take something ordinary, like water, oil, or tea, and add a handful of something flavorful and healthy? What happens when you take a part of your everyday life and boost it with a spiritual discipline, a practice that helps you grow in your love-relationship with Jesus and equips you to impact your family and friends, your church, your community, and your world for Him?


Infuse! is an interactive, biblical, and practical message that suggests ways to incorporate sustainable spiritual practices into six categories of everyday life.

Session 1: Infuse! your God Life with Study. Many people want to grow closer to God but think studying the Bible sounds overwhelming, time-consuming, and, honestly, boring. Hear my story, and then let’s look at one Bible study suggestion that will help anyone enjoy getting to know God through His Word.

Session 2: Infuse! your Home Life with Simplicity. Without a plan, our time, money, and energy can be consumed with homemaking, or perhaps we neglect it altogether. Let’s talk about how we can manage our home so that everything we do creates room to love God and love people.

Session 3: Infuse! your Ministry Life with Solitude. When a regular guy-on-the-job received bad news, he responded with tears, fasting, and prayer before action. Let’s talk about Nehemiah’s fascinating ministry season and how God can reveal a calling to us, rather than letting ourselves get roped into any open position.

Session 4: Infuse! your Physical Life with Gratitude. Compared to most people in the world, we live in prosperity, yet we complain when we look into our refrigerator or closet. Let’s consider how to develop an attitude of gratitude for what we put on and into our bodies.

Session 5: Infuse! your Recreational Life with Celebration. Imagine you could go anywhere for a whole day. Where would you go and what would you do? Let’s explore how to be truly revived and refreshed instead of giving into all-or-nothing mentality and squandering free time on cheap substitutes.

Session 6: Infuse! your Social Life with Silence. To communicate with friends, family, neighbors, and strangers, we need to use words, right? Maybe. Let’s look at wisdom from Proverbs and learn how to set aside our agenda and truly listen and lean into the lives of others.

(Infuse! is perfect for a weekend retreat; half- or one-day conference; and individually as workshop topics)

How To Speak When You’re Not a Speaker

Has God given you a message to share—something to inspire, teach, entertain, or bring awareness to—but you are not a speaker? (Ugh!) That’s how I got started.

In this practical, biblically based, step-by-step workshop for beginners, you can learn how to find an audience and build a speaking ministry; prepare an effective message for any size audience and any length of time; and deliver an engaging talk that listeners will remember. This topic is especially helpful for writers, missionaries … actually anyone who has something to say! (one- or two-part workshop)

What I Know About Leadership

Your heart is in the right place—you’re passionate to serve in your position—but sometimes things get off-track.

Hear the takeaways from my experience in leadership—the failures and victories—and learn how to become a more organized, effective leader and sustain your role by knowing your mission; never underestimating your need for training and support; playing to your strengths; leading like a man (oh!); and remembering that you can’t pour from an empty vessel. (workshop)

Tell Me the (New) Old Story

Women are gobbling up fiction at a phenomenal rate—stories of romance, mystery, and miracles—and a little relaxation and escape isn’t a bad thing. In fact, well-written fiction can change your heart! But did you know that when you read eleven books of the Old Testament, you can go on a historical journey through books that read like fiction?

Full of characters and action, plots and drama, and even some comedy, the Bible is packed with true stories about people like you and me. Learn a Bible-reading plan that will change the way you see your life in the timeline of God’s story because “…whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that through endurance and through the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope” (Romans 15:4, ESV). (workshop, half- or full-day event, weekend retreat)

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