We greatly valued and appreciated Rebecca’s teaching in our leadership classes at Life Center Church in Spokane, Washington.  She was poised, knowledgeable, personal, and engaging.  Rebecca’s style of conveying principles with appropriate authoritative references, personal examples and participant engagement made her instructional style highly effective.

Michael Hockett, Pastor of Adult Ministries

Your class gave me some valuable tips. The interaction provided a personal touch and drew people together. You did a wonderful job preparing your workshop, and your organizational skills impressed me as well as your comments about how fast you have become a teacher. You impressed the socks off me!

Marilyn Rhoads, Oregon Christian Writers Program Officer

I attended the MOPS meeting at Fairchild last week.  The first thing I did when I got home was put my kids down for a nap and organize my calendar.  It has only been a few days, but my stress level has already gone down tremendously.  God sent you to share your gift at our meeting, and He encouraged me to attend even though I really didn’t feel like leaving the house that day.  Thank you for helping me and the others that attended the meeting.

Abby, Fairchild AFB MOPS

We received excellent feedback on the professionalism, knowledge, and connection our presenters brought to the table. One said of your workshop, “Rebecca Stuhlmiller did a great job of bringing people out of their shells.” You promised and you delivered, and we’re grateful.

Clint Kelly, Program Coordinator Northwest Christian Writers Renewal

I have taken your outline and tweaked it some for my house but mostly just copied your brilliant ideas. I seriously cannot tell you how much working on weekly schedule helped me. Write a book!

Kelli, Seattle WA

Rebecca’s enthusiasm, passion and knowledge of the Scriptures are contagious. Through a gentle and sincere spirit, she shares from her own life experiences and challenges her audience with a message that speaks loud and clear. Enhanced with illustrations that have been known to cause laughter as well as tears, she is able to reach out and touch the hearts of those listening.

Beth, Renton WA

Your openness and honesty allowed God to minister to so many! You have given so much hope that God can still use them despite our humanness. Your foundation in the Word is so great. Thank you for coming and sharing all that God has brought you through.

Boise Vineyard retreat attendee

I heard you speak to our MOPS group this morning and I was so blessed by your insights, composure, and excellence as a communicator. Thank you for preparing your thoughts well and sharing them so effectively.

Amy, Bothell WA

Your talk gave me something to do right now–today!–not down the road or “if only” but right now.

Christian Camp and Conference Association attendee

Encouragement useful in every aspect of a women’s life. Bring Rebecca back.

Christian Camp and Conference Association attendee

I attended your “How to Speak When You Are Not a Speaker” workshop at the Inland Northwest Christian Writers conference. I was pleased to find it delivered exactly what it claimed. The information was thorough and detailed and shared without wasting words. Great handouts, too. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone interested in becoming a public speaker.

Kristen S, Hayden ID

Thank you so much for the great seminar today. I really enjoyed it. I couldn’t stop talking about it to the other ladies on the way home. We all seem to have the same problem. I can’t wait for your book to come out.

Kathleen, NWMC attendee