Infuse! Adding God’s flavor to what you’re already doing

What happens when we take something ordinary, such as water, oil, or tea, and add a handful of something flavorful and healthy? What happens when we take a slice of everyday life and boost it with a spiritual discipline, something that helps us grow in our love-relationship with Jesus and equips us to impact our […]

A Lifeline for Mama

No one jumps into the ocean who doesn’t know how to swim. But I imagine that’s how it feels right now for all you good mamas who dearly love your children, but lovingly planned for them to march off to the classroom this fall and be taught by professionals. Now, after months of survival and […]

Watch Your Language

Once, my husband and I traveled from the Pacific Northwest to the Deep South to speak at separate ministry events and were graciously invited to stay with an older couple living on Mobile Bay’s eastern shore. After our events were over, we drove to their home, rang the bell, and were greeted by our new […]

My Dot-to-Dot Life

When I was a teenager, my best friend and I drew pictures of our dream lives: the boys we wanted to marry, what our houses would look like, how many kids we wanted to have. Even as a young adult, I thought I had enough raw talent to create the picture of my life, inside […]


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